Let’s be real. If you work full time, and a mostly sedentary job, have young kids (or others who need you with burning intensity every single day), getting in ten thousand steps every single day is a challenge. Maybe even impossible.

Yes, we should park the car further from the station. Choose the stairs instead of the lift or escalators. Take calls while walking. Suggest a walking meeting over sitting down for a coffee. Drink more water so we need more toilet breaks (ok, that just sounds annoying and highly unpleasant). Because all of it will add up to the daily total.

But still. There will be days when, despite our all our will, getting to even 3000 steps would be an overachievement. Even with all the eyebrow raising toilet breaks. Especially if your only commute for the day is to get from the bedroom to bathroom to kitchen to home office. And then back.

On these days, and it breaks my inner spirit to say this, just let it go. Try again tomorrow. Get a bit more on the other days. Maybe you won’t make up the difference. It’s highly unlikely you will. Yet every additional step away from zero counts.

That’s what being reasonable is all about.