There is never enough time. And there never will be. It’s rare that your boss and colleagues are ever going to give you time to exercise. Or to do other healthy habits that are important for your wellbeing.

Work will take as much time as we will give it. If you never say no, either to yourself or to others, there will always be another thing to attend to. If the people you work with know you as the one who always says yes, who do you think they will ask when the next problem needs solving? You.

The family is no different. They don’t do it own purpose, but they might be blind to the fact that you need time.

Domestic duties and housework never stops. We always have more things we could do. And the only way to get around it is to decide when to stop. To say no. Either to yourself or to your family.

Same goes with various social activities that we choose (or think we are forced and peer pressured) to do. The only way to carve time is to learn to say no to friends. Regardless of how dear your friends are to you, you can’t always put them ahead of your own health and wellbeing.

The only way to free up time for exercise and any other healthy habit is to decide to make space and time for it. And then carve it yourself. Even if it sometimes upsets other people.

In the end, the people that really care for you will understand. They want to see you succeed in the things that are important to you. They will respect your no. And they will respect you more for saying it.

But you have to tell them first.