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The Future You Wants You to Stop Skipping Workouts. Mmmkay…

I picked up a great advice from the recent episode of Bettercast with Steven Ledbetter and Julie Dirksen where they dwelled into the skills of teaching. Ask this simple question when you are about to skip a workout, about to walk through the golden arches for dinner, or when reaching […]

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How Your Training Should Look Like

The fitness world is full of elitists who claim that their training system, program or philosophy is the best there is. And although I wouldn’t call myself “an elitist”, I am no exception. I’ve made the same assumptions in the past. So how should you train? Honestly? However you damn […]

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Training Rules for Adults

Most of my clients are Chads and Selmas who want to move, feel and look better. Folks who have jobs and run businesses that keeps them busy and limits how much time they have for exercise and movement each week. To say that most of them are training for the sport […]

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