When You Feel Like Giving Up

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And now this week’s blog post.

When You Feel Like Giving Up

Showing up to train is easy when all is swell. You’re seeing results and being fueled by the powerful concoction of energy, anticipation and progress that keeps you coming back and striving for more.

Yet, only beginners are naïve enough to think this is the norm.

If you’ve been training any longer than six months you know constant, linear progress is a short-lived, fairy tale scenario that only happens to Mickey in the Disney Gym.

But eventually all of us face the non-Disney Gym reality. The shock wake up to the miserable world where Donald Duck looks more like Donald Trump. Maybe it is that our progress slows down or even stalls. Or perhaps, against a better judgement, we keep pushing too hard and too fast to where the body can’t keep up. Continue reading

Why Your Habits Don’t Work

In our private coaching group Rage Against The Calorie Counting (it’s funny, you can laugh) we work together to implement healthier habits over a long period of time. Our simple goal is to make healthy eating and movement part of life that eventually become your second nature. And in order to do so we focus on a making healthy diet and movement reasonable instead of creating overbearing “do this or you will fail at life” – rules. And we most certainly don’t implement strict diets. Continue reading