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Good vs Bad Fitness Hacks

We love hacks. The quick fixes, the shortcuts, the simple solutions that promise to solve our most complex issues. Most hacks give us a false sense of hope that we can skip the long road ahead. They lure us away from the actual work in hopes of an easier way.

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Movement Integrity and Why It Matters

I’ve missed a chance working with a person because I wasn’t willing to put them through the latest gut-wrenching, head-exploding, high intensity workout that they’ve seen on TV or in magazines. I’ve lost clients because at the end of their session they were not spitting their pancreas out on the […]

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Thoughts On… IV: Fat Loss and Movement

Once again t’s time to collect my random thoughts in a bullet point format and set them free for the world (hey mum!) to see. These are random notes that I keep on Evernote. Every now and then I go through them all to see what I’ve been thinking on. […]

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