When You Feel Like Giving Up

First some quick housekeeping: the paperback of my new book Spandex Not Compulsory is now available through well-stocked online retailers. Amazon.com.au Amazon.com and EU Booktopia.com.au Barnes and Noble And now this week’s blog post. When You Feel Like Giving Up Showing up to train is easy when all is swell. You’re seeing results and being fueled by…

Why Most People Struggle with Diet and Training Consistency

Long-term consistency and therefore success with training and diet doesn’t come from willpower. No, consistency happens while marching on a road paved with positive habits that align with your goals, lifestyle and values. But there’s a major factor that doesn’t get talked about enough. It negatively affects all of us, but especially those with type-a personality.

The Art of Slowing Down – Part II

This is the Part II of improving your health and well-being by slowing down. If you missed Part I, I recommend reading it first to give you a bit of context on what this is all about. You can read it in here.