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What Are You Prepared to Give Up?

I know you love goal setting; everyone does. You’ve got grand goals you want to reach, peaks to climb, distances to run, weights to lift, money to make and names to take. Everyone loves the thought of reaching goals, and you are no different. But how much thought have you […]

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Align Your Goals with Your Values

It’s crucial to base your fitness goals in the values that mean something to you. Finding your “why” is important when setting up goals but it is as important (if not more importarter – I can say that, it’s my blog) to discover or revisit your values before just putting empty words […]

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Two Types of Motivation

  This is a short post. I wanted to share a great little tip to try if you’ve been struggling with your health and fitness routine lately or if you are someone who is just starting out. You are going to find out what type of motivation works for you.

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