Exercise Mistakes That Limit Your Results (Easy-to-Fix)

Synchronized steps on the glass cage of emotions


There are few major, but easy to fix, training mistakes that strike a tuneless chord in my cerebral cortex. If you feel like your training and progress feels like driving a rusty, Moses-era-Swedish-Saab, held together by duct tape and chewing gum, the handbrake permanently on, running on prayers and borrowed time, try doing (or, stop doing) these. Continue reading

Know When To Stop

Stop in the name of love
Stop in the name of love

The world is plagued with the mindset of more. Work longer hours and sacrifice sleep so you can make more money to buy a bigger house. Buy more stuff to fill up the empty space. Owning more shit doesn’t mean that you are doing better in life. It just means that you own more shit.

We have the same more is better mindset with exercise too. But more is not better, better is better. If exercising hurts, or if you are sick and run down, it’s your body telling you to either stop or to slow down. It’s a safety mechanism to protect the body. It’s not a weakness leaving the body, or no pain no gain. It’s the warning light is on, slow the fuck down because your wheels are coming off. Continue reading

Training Rules for Adults

"Might as well jump. Jump!"
“Might as well jump. Jump!”

Most of my clients are Chads and Selmas who want to move, feel and look better. Folks who have jobs and run businesses that keeps them busy and limits how much time they have for exercise and movement each week. To say that most of them are training for the sport of life wouldn’t be too far out of line. Continue reading