A while back, I helped the fine people of StretchMinder with an article about the importance of exercise snacking. Essentially covering why prolonged sitting is about as good for your immediate energy, focus, and long-term health as swallowing a stick of dynamite with a lit-up Zippo chaser.

This holds true even if you’re already doing a daily workout. (Which you’re not. Me neither.)

Truth? I wasn’t super sold on movement breaks (inconvenient much?) until I started researching the article. It made me realise just how bad prolonged sitting is for our health. But also how much of those downsides we can undo with so little effort.

So, now I preach the gospel of movement snacking (and the brilliance of StretchMinder) to whoever cares to listen, including you.

Anyways, here’s the article if you’re keen.


ps. Yes, I got paid to write the article. And no, I don’t get any kickbacks for recommending StretchMinder or promoting the article.

I just think it’s a killer app, and you can do your health all kinds of good by breaking up your sitting.

And yes, I meant to mention this article when it came out. And yes, I did kind of forget.