The coaching program for tired parentpreneurs to reclaim their energy and strength, for life.

Let's face it, for years, you’ve prioritised your work and the needs of other people ahead of your own well-being.

Reclaim your energy for yourself, for your work, for the activities you love, and most of all, for those who lean on you.

It's your turn.

Success Stories

"My spirit was low after numerous failed attempts to get going on my own. Over the course of a few very challenging years, I went from being in the best shape of my life to realizing I had lost it all – physically and mentally. I’m no gym rat – I just love to move and I love living an active life in a body that feels healthy, strong and capable. My time with Joonas has been exactly what I needed."
Louise Orders
Business owner / Coach
"I am back at skiing and playing soccer with confidence. Before coaching I never prioritised my health and well-being more than fitting it in as an optional bonus. It took a nasty leg injury and teaming up with Joonas for that wake up call. I would 100% recommend this coaching for anyone who wants to (re)discover their strongest self and feel confident in the activities they enjoy."
Business owner / Lawyer
“Because of our work together, I’m achieving things now that I never thought possible. Enjoying life, and choosing to make healthy choices and being active will make life much more fulfilling and rewarding than over analysing and obsessing about every tiny detail. My new goal is to not sweat the small things. Joonas, you got me to this place, so thank you!"
Rebecca Sharp
Business owner / Strategic psychotherapist / Performance coach
"Thanks for giving me my life back. I was sleep-deprived, falling asleep in elevators, restaurants, taxis. I was starting to hunch over when I walked. I was scared. I knew I needed help. It’s about taking control − owning one’s life. And owning one’s health is simply the only way to do that. The payoff is huge. “Extremely simple, yet frustratingly difficult” cannot be truer. But fast forward one year and I’m a new person. Well, I feel like one anyway. Thanks Joonas!"
Chris Vein
former Deputy U.S. CTO for Government Innovation in the Obama White House and former World Bank CIO
"My initial goals were to become stronger and to improve my overall health. I’ve gotten noticeable improvements in both and have more energy and stamina for cycling, hiking and everyday life with friends and family."
Mesh Kumari

Ready to reclaim your strength and energy?

Is this you?

You don’t want to be a gym junkie. You want to feel strong and full of energy for yourself, for your work, for the activities you love, and most importantly, for the people who rely on you to lead.

You want quick and simple home-based strength workouts tailored to your body. Workouts that work with your schedule and support the activities you love doing. Workouts you can do without overthinking or second guessing.

You want to learn how to keep your strength and energy for the rest of your life. Regardless of what life throws at you

You want accountability, support and guidance to get there.

And most importantly, you want to be a healthy role model for your kids.

My promise to you

I will promise that you will become a person who welcomes each new day with energy. You will feel more confident about yourself. Both physically and mentally.

Instead of feeling reserved because of lack of fitness, you’ll have the strength and energy to make the difference you seek in your life and work.

You will change how you age. Instead of being nervous and worried, you will feel confident about the future.

In short, you will feel in control of your health and fitness.

This coaching program is like a dance

We have to move together. I will provide you with support, accountability, clarity, and direction so you can stop second-guessing what to do.

But you have to show up to do the work.

I can’t drag you to your goals by being a drill sergeant yelling and dictating meal-plans, cookie-cutter solutions or injecting fake motivation. I can’t make you want to do something you don’t want to do. Because that doesn’t lead to a long-lasting change.

Some days are better than others. That’s life. We will work together as a team and find an approach that suits your life.

Ready to rediscover your strength, energy and fitness?​

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is for people who are new to exercise or coming back after an extended break. The exercises, programs, and coaching are customised to your body, your life and your experience. And I’ll take you through the process step by step.

Yes, all the exercises are tailored to your body and abilities. Depending on your injury, I can help you recover.  Or, if your injury is out of my scope, we can work around your injury or collaborate with your clinician.

How the workouts look depends on you, your goals and your lifestyle. Every exercise serves the purpose of getting you to your goals. I want you to finish each workout feeling better than you did when you started instead of feeling like you need to cough a kidney. 

This depends on your lifestyle, schedule and goals. It could be 15 minutes or 45 minutes.

As a minimum, one moderately challenging weight (kettlebell/dumbbell/resistance band/backpack filled with sand/frozen tub of leftover lasagne etc.) And if you have access to a full gym, that’s what we’ll use.

This is entirely dependent on your lifestyle and goals. Some people train once a week, others three times a week. I’ll give you specific recommendations once I know more about you.

Nope. All the workout programs are delivered with a coaching app, and each exercise has a video demonstration on how to do it. This way, you’ll have the flexibility to adjust your training times based on your schedule, not mine.