So, the King of England has appointed a homeopath.

Yes, a person practising homeopathy.

Yes, homeopathy. A practice that’s been proven to have zero scientific standing. Over and over and over again.

From The Guardian:

“Why are kings, movie stars and the rich so susceptible to this snake oil?

Two factors, I think, are at play. The first is that elites tend to overestimate the value of their instincts.

King Charles and Cindy Crawford spend their time surrounded by suck-ups. They are themselves exceptions to the rules that govern others. If a gut feeling leads them to “thought field therapy”, rather than modern medicine, they might be more inclined to believe it.

And the second is something first observed by Charles Percy Snow in his famous remarks about the “two cultures” in the west.

Ignorance of literature and the arts will exclude you from “highly educated” circles, but it is perfectly acceptable to have no grasp of basic science – the second law of thermodynamics, for example, or how to define “acceleration”. [My bolding]

Combine overconfidence and an ignorance of science and you get an aristocracy convinced that crushed bees and aconite are the answer to their problems.”

Here’s the article.