Here’s a simple way to build your aerobic base without leaving the house. If you’re stuck inside because of a cyclone, pollution or cane toad armageddon.

Do weighted step-ups with 20% of your body weight. For a 70kg woman, that’s 14kg.

You can hold a kettlebell or last night’s tray of leftover lasagne. But having a loaded backpack is way more pleasant for your hands.

Do that for 1 minute.

Then, complete a get down get up. Aka, a get-up, reversed.

Rest as needed to keep the pace around 70% of your max heart rate (220 – your age. Not the most accurate calculation, but good enough).

Or just keep the intensity at a pace where you can hold a more or less normal conversation.

Do anywhere between 20-60 minutes.

But let’s be real. 60 minutes sounds about as exciting as eating a bowl of cardboard.

Unless you have a decent podcast going.


ps. I think I first saw this in StrongFirst.