Once you’ve decided to prioritise your health and fitness for the next few months, it’s time to narrow your focus. To choose a specific goal worthy of your attention and effort.

Which aspect of your health and fitness deserves the most focus for the next three months?

Big goals have their place. A (half) marathon, a challenging hike, or, I don’t know, winning a dance-off to avenge on behalf of your dad, Randy, who just got SERVED by the OC kids.

But when the initial goals are more lifestyle-related (stronger, fitter, leaner, and more energetic), big goals tend to backfire. When you set the bar too high, there’s little room for error. The error being, life happens.

The worst that could happen is that you lose momentum. Enter discouragement, disappointment, and the feeling of failure. The second worst thing that could happen? You reach your goal.

When you reach your huge short-term goal, the work doesn’t stop. You still need to put in the effort to maintain what you’ve got. Which, depending on the actions that brought you to your goal, might be next to impossible. Enter discouragement, disappointment, and the feeling of failure.

How to set better goals?

Look at the actions and habits you need to implement to achieve your long-term lifestyle goals. If you can’t see yourself adopting those actions and habits for the rest of your life, at least in some capacity, choose another goal.

Most of us over-estimate how much we can achieve in 12 weeks. And under-estimate how much we can achieve in 52 weeks.


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