Your long-term goal requires an annoying level of perseverance and constant motivation. The downside is that perseverance and constant motivation are limited to anyone whose name doesn’t include ‘Batman’ or ‘Margaret Thatcher’.

To reach your long-term goal, you need to lean into instant gratification to help maintain momentum and enthusiasm along the way.

And yes, this gratification can be both short-lived and superficial. As long as you’re smart about it:

Complete a workout -> Eat a piece of chocolate, have a hot shower, or buy a delicious lunch without any tuna.

Finish a long walk -> Get into the bath, heat the sauna or watch an episode of Fleabag.

You get the idea. It doesn’t matter what your instant gratification is as long as it’s something that you’re genuinely looking forward to.

But ideally, it should be something that doesn’t turn into a problem or hinder your progress.

A glass of pinot after a workout every now and then might be okay. But you obviously don’t want to blend frozen margaritas after each time you do kettlebell swings.