…we tend to do it.

So much of our success with health and fitness comes down to our environment and surroundings.

Whatever you have in your fridge and cupboard, that’s what you’re going to eat. Buy accordingly.

If you want to reduce the amount of ice cream and cookies you eat, only buy a single portion at a time. Instead of hauling a carton load through the door each time you do the shopping.

Keen to drink less? Hide the wine glasses and only buy enough wine to last an evening. And never keep beer in the fridge for “just in case”.

If the goal is to eat more fruits and vegetables, stack them up. Put the fruits where you can see them. To act as a reminder and a cue for you to eat them.

As for training, leave your weights where you can see them. Drill a permanent chin up bar to a door frame. Never buy a piece of equipment with a feature that “easily folds and rolls into storage under your bed”. You will never use it. And it makes vacuuming heaps annoying.

Want to spend less time doom scrolling and more on reading meaningful books? Put your phone in a draw where it’s not constantly yelling “pick me up!”

You get the idea.

What do you need to put out of sight? And what needs to be more prominent?