Signing up is not the first step

Signing up is not the first step

In a moment of invincibility mixed with blue-eyed arrogance, we’ve all rushed through to the second step. Whether it’s buying a book, a course, or singing lessons from Ralph. We’ve all payed for something we didn’t end up using. Signed up for something we couldn’t fully commit to. All because we made the mistake of skipping the first step.

Before signing any dotted lines or wiring a single dollar, we have to make a plan. This is the first step. However loose it might be. We have to decide…

How much time we’re going to allocate to whatever we’re signing up for?
When in the week are we going to spend that time?
And how are we going to spend it?

Then we need to take an honest look at our loose plan. To open up our calendar to see if any of that will actually work in real life. Or whether we’re about to sign up for something we can’t finish. And not only waste money, but also our willpower and perhaps a piece of our self-worth.

Considering everything else we’ve got going on, have we over-committed? What if something unexpected comes along? Big or small. Have we left enough white space in the calendar to still stick to our plan? Even if it means changing our original approach.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. And neither do we. But can we reasonably expect our plan to give us the results we seek in whatever we’re about to sign up for? Or are we going to add unnecessary stress to our days by getting into something we can’t afford time-wise?

There’s wisdom in admitting that now might not be the best time.

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