As you can see, I am hot or cold with fiction. I often either love a book, or I hate it and stop half way through.

Jesus’ Son: Stories by Denis Johnson
1/5 I liked dark themes, which I why I bought it in the first place. But despite how much I tried I couldn’t get into this and had to stop before half way. Seems to be a common theme with me an fiction books. Lack of imagination on my part? (Read in 2017)

Fear and Trembling: A Novel by Amelie Nothomb
1/5 I stopped a bit over half way through. Although I find the Japanese culture fascinating I couldn’t get a grip about the corporate office environment that the book is based in. Not a book for me but I can see how people who’ve lived in Japan and/or resonate with corporate environment can find it entertaining. (Read in 2017)

Isidorin Tarina (Isidor’s Story – couldn’t find English version) by Henning Mankell
2/5 Almost stopped reading this at times. I read the Finnish version. If you want something with a bit more historical background around the same time period and a better story read Under The Northern Star trilogy. (read in 2017)

Under the North Star Part III: Reconciliation by Vaino Linna
5/5 Linna is one of my favorite authors in the way he is able describe events and make his characters come to life. He tells 70 or so years of Finnish history through the people living in small village of Pentinkulma. Simply brilliant. (Read 2017)

Under The North Star Part I & Part II: The Uprising
Vaino Linna
Part I 4/5, Part II 5/5 Linna is an excellent writer and almost poetic in some of the ways he writes. I read the Finnish version so cannot comment how it translates. (Read in 2016)

John Williams
3/5 I found this book weird to rate since it felt as nothing major ever happened in it but it kept you in it’s grip all the way through. Very melancholic and depressing to read. Yet the story was captivating. Read it and decide for yourself. (Read in 2016)

The Graveyard Book
Neil Gaiman
3/5 I listened the audio version during the morning commutes. The reason for missing points is from my lack of interest in fantasy fiction, not because of the way it was written. Which I did enjoy. (Read in 2016)

Pet Sematary
Stephen King
3/5 First book I ever read by Stephen King. It is well written (duh) and I did enjoyed it considering that I usually steer clear of horror. It was also the most disturbing book I read in 2016. (Read in 2016)

Unknown Soldiers
Vaino Linna
5/5 This is my all time favorite book. A story set in WWII about a Finnish rifle company fighting. I’ve read it at least four or five times. (Read in 2016)

Henri Charriere

Shantaram: A Novel
Gregory David Roberts

The Alchemist
Paulo Coelho