Periodically, it’s worth checking whether your training and fitness regime match what’s important to you. And since this lesson here is best illustrated by my evolution, please forgive me while I toot the horn that feels the most familiar. My own.

In my teens and twenties, my fitness routine was all about the looks. And so my training and the frequency and intensity I put in it reflected that. I trained, a lot. Everything revolved around getting in the daily workout and eating a certain way.

Combining that with the ego and know-it-all attitude of an insecure twenty-something and I was also injured and in pain, a lot.

Now in my late 30s with two kids, wife, business, more humility and less ego (I think!) my training reflects that. Workouts are rarely longer than 30 minutes (I’d like to inch closer to 45mins, but see the part about kids).

Rarely do I do over three sessions a week. Sometimes just two, based on what’s going on with life (i.e. kids). I walk as often as I can. Mostly with the kids in tow.

Now, when something doesn’t feel right in the workout, I adjust why I’m doing and try to find a better way. When I feel like I’ve done enough, I walk away to come back next time.

Compare that to my 20-something year old self who pushed through everything. Tiredness, pain, you name it. Because, male bravado and shirtless Brad Pitt movies and Bruce Willis and Die Hard and was John Rambo still a thing?

Today, no ego-driven training or lifting goal is worth risking an injury and the potential for missing out on family time. Sure, niggles still happen. But not to the extent that they affect life.

And yes, it’d be a lie to say that looks don’t still play some part in my training. If only I’d known what I know now when I was younger.

Oh, well.

Reflect what matters. Train accordingly.