When struggling with knee pain, we’re quick to look at things we should add to the routine:

  • More fish oil
  • More backwards walking
  • More deadlifts

And those are all solid options. But often, the answer is more simple than that.

It’s about looking at what you’re doing already and seeing if anything might contribute to that knee pain.

If you’re currently doing a lot of jumping, whether that’s box jumps, plyo lunges, or squat jumps, stop for a week or two and see what happens.

If the knee pain subsides, you’ve found the problem.

This doesn’t mean that you’re forever banned from doing jumps. But it’s easier to get rid of the knee pain when you first stop doing the stuff that’s hurting.

Then, build some strength and take a closer look at your landing techniques. It might be that both of those are fine as it is, you just need a break to let the pain settle

Either way, introduce the jumps back in gradually.