The reason for strength training isn’t to get better at strength training. Or to chase some uninspiring exercise goal or number just because someone (probably on the internet) decided it was important for whatever reason.

The reason for strength training is to be able to do a full day on the fresh powder and not feel like you went through a snow groomer.

To feel confident about joining your friends for a hike without having a full-blown panic attack about whether everyone has to unexpectedly camp in the wilderness because of you.

To help move your mum’s grand piano without worrying about your lower back.

Or to mow the lawn using a push mower while your kids take turns pretending to be Juha Kankkunen on top of the internal combustion engine. Because, for whatever reason, they’re really into 80s rally drivers. Actually, this probably isn’t a good idea. I mean, why can’t they pick a modern driver?

Here’s where it is at.

The further you narrow your goals, and the more external to the training itself you make these goals, the easier it is to find the internal motivation to show up.


ps. This is the last new coaching client call-out for January. Internalise your external goals. And then make them a reality by having a plan, knowledge, support and accountability to show up.

If you’re a tired outdoor enthusiast over 40 who wants to reclaim your strength and energy in the next 12 weeks, hit me up. I’ll help you reach your goals with an approach that works with your life.

If that makes you feel all kinds of excited, reply, and we can see if and how this coaching program might be a good fit for you.