Most of my clients don’t start from a total zero. They’re already doing some form of activity.

Whether it’s purposeful exercise such as going for a walk. Or incidental activity such as walking to get the morning coffee. And all of them want to do more.

Here’s a reasonable progression for increasing your weekly activity.

Week 1-4
45min strength/week
5000 steps a day

Week 5-8
+ 45min cardio/week
+ 2000 steps on each day

Week 9-12
+ 45min either cardio or strength, depending on which you prefer / week

Week 12-16
+ 45min the one that you didn’t prefer
+ 1000 steps each day

Now, that’s the ideal. But it doesn’t always work out that way. And for you to get to those numbers, it might take longer.

What does your progression look like?