When searching for answers, you have two options. One puts you in control. It requires you to reflect inwards and come up with a solution. The other option means giving the control to someone else. Giving them the permission to dictate the solution.

Which option you choose depends on the context of your situation.

When you see a doctor, a dentist or a physiotherapist, you expect them to provide a solution to your problem. Something you can implement immediately. Or something they can do for you right then and there. Besides the questions to understand your situation as it relates to your problem, you wouldn’t want a doctor to rely on you for the right answer.

You’re not there for introspection. “Hey doctor, I’ve decided I need a kidney surgery. Can you operate on me tomorrow?” When dealing with physical pain, the last thing you want is coaching and more questions.

But when it comes to improving your health and fitness, it’s likely that you already know what you should be doing.

You already have all, or at least most, of the answers. And if you don’t, you can find them with a quick search. You don’t need a god-like expert.

What you need is a coach. Someone to ask you better questions. Questions that force you to look inwards. Questions that allow you to find the right the answers for you.

That’s what a good coach helps you to do. They help you think by asking questions you might not have thought of. Or the ones you’re too afraid to ask yourself. Questions that lead to answers that help you take action.

A coach helps you to reflect. And then holds the space and guides you to find an answer. Without judgement.

He or she gives you the autonomy to decide on how to move forwards. Within a framework that will serve you. And keeps you accountable to the actions you decide, together.

Obviously, some people don’t want their health and fitness coach to ask questions either. They just want the exact roadmap to follow. This can work well in quick transformations or when the time to achieve specific results is otherwise rushed. Start of a soccer season, getting ready for skiing, wedding…

But taking orders rarely leads to independent thinking and sustainable results. There’s no autonomy or ownership on your part. And you’re less likely to follow through when you have no say in what the answers will be.

Which brings me to this.

I have space for THREE new clients in my signature online coaching program.

I am looking for folks over 40 who want to reclaim their strength, energy and fitness. Not by following orders, but by being an equal partner in a coaching relationship.

You used to be fit. But for years, you’ve prioritised your work and the needs of other people ahead of your own wellbeing.

It’s left you feeling weak and lethargic. And out of control.

Time to take action.

If that sounds like you, reply with “I’d like to know more”. And I’ll send you a quick message so we can see if and how this program might be a good fit for you.

The coaching program is not cheap. And it’s not right for everyone. But it might just be right for you.

– J

ps. Now might not be the right time for you. That’s ok. I’ll let you know the next time I am taking on new clients.