Spandex Not Compulsory – How to Get (and Remain) Strong, Fit and Confident without Restrictive Rules

The book for busy grownups who struggle with time and motivation. And definitely not for fitness nuts who adore spandex, counting calories and have the time to train more than Arnold did in the 70s.

It’s for those who want to get more out of life by becoming stronger, fitter, and more confident. But refuse to devote life to restrictive fitness rules.

To see results, you need an approach that fits your life.

Yes, locking yourself in the basement, away from life’s temptations, works. Or you could learn the flexible principles that allow you to ace your health and enjoy life.

In the book you’ll discover:

– How to find motivation and stop relying on willpower
– How to find more time for exercise
– How training and healthy eating can work with an ever-changing schedule
– Results-driven habits that allow you to enjoy life
– A 12-week training program for a strong and resilient body
– Access to the online bonus section
– Free unisex spandex bodysuit*
– And so much more

*Ok, spandex bodysuit is definitely not included.

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