Prioritising you

Prioritising you

Constantly putting our well-being second, saying yes to more work, worrying about other people’s opinions and not managing stress, recovery and sleep are all going to stand in the way when trying to make a lifestyle change. These are Byzantine and annoyingly multi-faceted situations. Opening them can feel like trying to solve a motor oiled Rubik’s Cube with one arm and closed eyes. And often because of this, nothing gets done about them.

Which then stops people from getting the results they want. Embarking on a lifestyle change safari by only focusing on eating more vegetables and working out is better than nothing. But often about as useful as a coffee cup that can’t go in the dishwasher. I mean, that’s far from a functional everyday crockery.

Anyhow. Sometimes it’s possible to improve the situation with little everyday actions: mindfulness, meditation, time in the nature, having a hobby, keeping a gratitude diary, helping others without expecting nothing in return, (coming up for a breath in the middle of a list…. and let’s go again) or reducing alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, screen time, news.

But often these issues require bigger changes: starting therapy, visiting a sleep clinic, ending a relationship, pushing massive dicks out of our circle of supremacy, or changing careers. Sometimes we have to take decisive action to change how we live our life.

And as complicated as dealing with all this might be, here’s the upside: often when we work on them, the fitness results happen too. We might even end up looking better naked. Whoa.

If stress, sleep and fatigue are bringing you down, I recommend this free online test at This Way Up. You’ll get an actionable help on how to improve the way you feel. For free. And considering how our lives have been affected in the last year and a half, we should all probably do this.

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