I went through some of my old notes and found these from 2017/2018 when I took improv classes. Unsurprisingly, some of them ring true for health and fitness (and life) as well:

Slow down. Be present. Don’t think you have to “take” the scene somewhere.

Sometimes you are in a funk that feels like it lasts forever. Days, weeks, months, even. But it will pass. Just be brave and get into scenes to kick out the funk.

If this is true, what else is true?

Keep your character consistent.

When you relax and loosen up, good shit happens.

Here’s why this matters:

Improving your health and fitness is not about bending your life into limbo and trying to fit your life into shiny rules, the latest trends, or crisp hacks and tricks. Yes, eating mostly wholefoods and being active daily are “rules” worth absorbing. But.

A lasting change happens when you create an anthology of health and fitness principles that bend with where you’re at any given time.

How to spot a good principle? It’s often applicable to not only health and fitness but life in general.