I’ve been lucky to train an amazing bunch of people over my ten years as a trainer and coach. And although there’s been some who haven’t gotten the results they’ve set out to get (and that’s ALWAYS on me one way or another) a majority of my clients have gotten good results. Some of them have even achieved incredible results.

When I think of the clients who’ve achieved these incredible results, one quality stands out in all of them. It has nothing to do with talent, being gifted or possessing god-like athleticism. But everything to do with perseverance.

All of them focused on making health and fitness a lifelong habit. They were and still are committed to consistency. Both in and outside of the workouts. Whether it’s getting in the daily steps or gradually improving their eating habits.

They made space for and built a reasonable value of health and fitness into their identity. Not for six or 12 weeks. But for life.

Whether you train with a trainer, other people or by yourself, book the workouts (and other healthy activities that are important to you) in your calendar weeks, if not months, in advance. If possible, block the same times for each week. Then honour and protect those times with teeth.

Show up whether or not you feel like it. Only reschedule when you’ve exhausted all the other options.

You’re communicating to others that your workouts are important to you. People learn to respect your time. And hopefully stop asking you to book meetings and catch ups on those time slots.

You’re also reinforcing the story you’re telling yourself. You’re now someone who has committed to training and rarely skips a workout. Show the same commitment towards the other healthy habits that are important to you.

None of this means that training or healthy eating has to be the top priority in your life. I actually discourage it. Orbiting around training, strict eating, constantly worrying about your looks and trying to optimise every inch of your health can and will make life flat, lonely and one dimensional.

Rather, to become the healthy, fit and strong person we want to be, our health and fitness needs to be one of the many lenses which we look through our life and the decisions we make. It has to become part of our identity.