If you’re not up for learning the kettlebell swing (or simply don’t want to).

But before I list other options, here’s why I like the swing so much.

With swings, you can generate a lot of force with a relatively light weight. Not only to drive power out of the lower body but also to strengthen the upper body and the core. And when done right, it’s super safe.

Ok, with that out of the way, other power training options:

  • Box jumps (two-legged, single-legged, lateral…). Land hips high and like a ninja.
  • Med ball slams if you’re lucky to own a ball and a surface that can take a beating. One of my clients once cracked a paver in her backyard and ruined a good patch of grass. Her husband suggested that she’d move on to concrete after that. When you slam the ball, channel all your accumulated frustration and stress into that damn ball.
  • Squat jumps. Jump high, land soft.
  • Gym options: ski erg, battle ropes…

3×4-6 reps for the jumps. 3×8-10 for the rest.

Keep the reps crisp. Slow “reload” between each rep.