It’s common to be curious about our relationship with money. And to acknowledge that if our current attitude toward the almighty dollar isn’t serving us well, it’s always possible to change it for the better. To save more, give more to important causes, and generally be a little more aware of in which direction we throw the slices of our hard-earned bread.

What’s not so common is riding this same curiosity to probe our relationship with health and fitness.

Have you ever thought of why you do, or don’t do, certain things for your health? Or why you might think of yourself as “not athletic”, “uncoordinated” or even “lazy”?

Who’s shaped your attitude and mindset about health and fitness? Is it your own doing, that of your parents and other influences you’ve had, or perhaps the conditioning of the society you live in?

Because if the way you approach your health and fitness isn’t serving you well, you have the power to change it.