A one long workout

A one long workout

There was a time when I wouldn’t even consider training unless I had an hour for it. Then, we had a kid.

And that hour turned into 45 minutes. Four days a week became three. I had a good two-year run with that schedule and felt better training less than I used to.

Then, COVID. And another kid. Then, lockdowns and working from home and no daycare and 9pm curfews and toilet paper wars and I am getting out of breath writing this.

But you see where this is going. Having 45 minutes for training is as reasonable as hoping for Slayer to put out a Christmas album.

Like everyone else, I’ve had to adjust my expectations about what’s a good workout.

Now the week is a raging success if I get in two uninterrupted 20 minute workouts. That’s usually a quick warm up followed by kettlebell swings and push-ups or overhead presses. Maybe a set of carries in the end.

And most of the time, that’s with a three-year-old sitting on me while I do push-ups.

I need more. For my sanity. So I’ve added tiny training moments wherever I can. Instead of just counting workouts, I now add up my weekly training time total.

And all these count:

  • Pullups on soccer goals while playing with the kids in the park.
  • Pushing the pram up the steepest hill when coming home from the park.
  • Step-ups or single leg squats on the couch while building a cubby house.
  • Carrying the kids around the house while playing. With random lunges and squats in the mix.
  • Crawling around the lounge room with a child desperately trying to cling to me.
  • Feeding the one-year-old while doing a handstand. Ok, this doesn’t happen. I can barely sit and breathe during meal times.

There’s no specific template to any of this. Anything that even remotely feels like training counts. The guiding principle is to do whatever I can whenever I can.

Technically, my entire week is a one long workout. Except that I count the rest between sets in hours and days instead of minutes.

The only goal is to emerge from the lockdown on one glorious day without having lost too much of strength and fitness. And ideally without a potbelly. But we’ll see about that.

Because how good is lockdown curfew cake.

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