“Compared with men, they [women] report higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression and burnout, while also performing the lion’s share of care work. They feed their families while food costs soar… Running alongside this imbalance are the familiar pressures to enhance the body, radiate poise, master impulses (hunger, rage) and perfect the contortions required of the double standard. It is no wonder, in this field of outsized expectations, that wellness has found a ready market among women.”

“Wellness, she argues, presents collective social ills as problems for the individual to solve through some alchemy of consumer behavior. Joining a union would arguably deliver greater benefit than downloading another meditation app, but the wellness market presents the latter as a logical solution to work-related stress and deteriorating mental health.”

“Everything about the language of wellness is designed to push the goal lines further and further out of reach,” she says. “You never arrive at a point to go like, ‘Oh, I’m well now.’ There’s always something else we could be doing.” As a result, there is no resting place because we can never fully restore what’s been lost, and there is always a greater state of enhancement to attain.”

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