Judgemental attitude is unproductive. Whether it’s judging ourselves and our actions, doing the same for other people, or for things and life circumstances in general. Judging our way forward doesn’t take us anywhere worth going.

If anything, judging puts a negative spin on our day-to-day life. It can stop us from taking action. It’s almost like judgemental attitude gives us a ticket to bask in helplessness. To be the victim.

The more productive alternative, not surprisingly, is much harder.

Your diet is not good or bad. It just is. What do you notice about your eating habits? One of my favourites is, “I ate so much shit yesterday.” (Judging). To which I usually go, “Really, there wasn’t anything else available?” That’s an attempt at humour.

A pizza is not bad and a carrot is not good. One might take you closer or further from your goal. But they are still just thoughtless food items without any larger scale political or sociological agendas.

Your body is not good or bad. It just is. What do you see and feel? Not, “I feel like shit.” That’s you judging again. But, when observing your body what do you notice?

Today’s training session wasn’t good or bad. It just was. What did you notice while doing it? And based on that, do you think there’s something you could do differently next time?

Weather is not good or bad. It’s your observations that makes it. What can you appreciate about the torrential rain and thunderstorm?

And last, the most challenging scenario. She didn’t behave badly towards you. You just feel like she did. Why do you think that is?

Next time you find yourself in these situations, I challenge you to observe them without judging.