I’ve been doing all my strength training at home since early 2020. Because you know why.

On most days, I’ve got about 73 things on my mind. The last thing I need is some complicated training program or a list of exercises to add to that mental load.

These are the exercises I use in my training 97% of the time:

1. Kettlebell swing
2. Goblet squat
3. Single leg deadlift
4. Single leg squat
5. Lateral squat
6. Single-arm overhead press
7. Push up
8. Bend-over band row
9. Single-arm row
10. Kettlebell clean

Previously, I would’ve added chin ups here. But I tend to train inside, and the gymnastic rings are outside, and… I can’t be bothered. But I do random chin ups when I am outside.

On the days I train, I choose 3 to 5 exercises from that list and get after it. Usually in 5-minute spurts throughout the day.

I might get a little more creative with the programs my coaching clients use to fight boredom. Or to adjust the program based on injuries or super-specific goals.

Otherwise, the above list is solid for anyone looking to get stronger.