Motivation can get all kinds of annoying dips if you don’t believe in your skills and knowledge to reclaim your energy and strength. When you feel you don’t have the right tools to reach your goals.

That could be any of the following:

  1. Knowledge of nutritional needs for energy and strength.
  2. Understanding the importance of rest and recovery.
  3. Ability to create a sustainable fitness routine.
  4. Techniques to manage stress.
  5. Skills to prepare quick and healthy meals.
  6. Knowledge of how hormones influence energy and strength.
  7. Understanding how to adjust workouts based on your needs, resources and capabilities.
  8. Ability to identify and deal with signs of burnout.
  9. Tools for tracking progress and setting realistic goals.
  10. Techniques for effective time management.
  11. Strategies to incorporate fitness into your schedule.
  12. Knowledge of the benefits of different types of exercise (strength training, cardio etc.).
  13. Tools for maintaining motivation and consistency (you’re doing this now!).
  14. Understanding of the role of mental health in overall energy and wellbeing.
  15. Techniques for mindful eating.
  16. Skills for practising self-care.
  17. Understanding the importance of sleep quality and quantity.
  18. Knowledge of how age-related changes can impact fitness and energy levels.
  19. Tools for balancing fitness goals with other life responsibilities.
  20. Skills to say “no” to other people’s requests.

How to overcome this annoying motivation zapper.

It’s a cliche, but knowledge is power. Learn more about the topics you struggle with.

Start with the one that will be the biggest hurdle on your path. Read books, listen to podcasts, take courses or hire a coach. Get your friend, partner, or mother-in-law (maybe not) involved and do it together.

Once you’ve got your knowledge and skills to a level you feel confident about, move to the next hurdle.

Tick them off one by one to boost confidence in your skills and abilities.