You might attempt to resort to the Have Visible Kidneys in 6 Weeks diet and the Ultra Mega Punishment 5000 Deathwish workout plan when trying to reclaim your fitness. And I get the appeal.

After all, most of us have this twisted mindset that for something to work, it has to be painful. We have to feel the hurt. Something about a sentimental hero mentality trap: pushing through all the obstacles. Plus, it makes a damn good social media feed.

But as Germans so elegantly put it, it’s all scheiße. Just because you feel like you’re suffering and working hard doesn’t mean you’re working hard on the right things.

Your results-driven lifestyle change doesn’t start with punishment. It begins by building the foundation. By prioritising your rest and recovery, observing and challenging some of your current lifestyle habits and accepting the flexible approach to creating new habits.

Building the foundation doesn’t feel as productive as counting how many green half-olives you ate or crawling out of another 60-minute HIIT workout.

But once the foundation is tight, you won’t have to work as hard for the results.