Confession: I’d be a one happy being if I’d never have to eat another scoop of protein powder.

But with a mostly plant-based diet, I find it impossible to get enough of three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in an amino acid-chain molecule.

I’ve gone long stints powder-free in the past, and I struggle in all kinds of ways. Mainly with how I respond to training.

I’m not talking about an excessive protein intake, either. Even hitting one gram per kilogram of body weight is a tall order without supplementing.

But whey protein, derived from dairy, is a no-go if you’re blessed with lactose intolerance.

I’ve’ had whey protein in the past, but it just doesn’t sit well with my gut. Plus, it’s’ not plant-based, so it burns my righteous soul.

But luckily, there are plant-based options.

The undeniable downside with plant-based proteins is that they tend to be disgusting as a shake. But tolerable if made into a smoothie with banana, mixed in the porridge or muesli.

I’ve found the mix of rice and pea protein decent as long as the flavour is palatable. In Australia, Bulk Nutrients stock some decent options. Hell, even my wife can tolerate them in a smoothie. If you know her at all, this is a testament to the dexterity of the Bulk Nutrients’ flavour department.

As for flavourless options, fava bean protein is the only one worth entertaining. I mix a scoop of it in my muesli most mornings. In Australia, you can get in at Coles. I know, right.

And if you’re wondering why you, as a woman over 40, need to care about your protein intake, here you go.