What’s stopping you from stepping onto the next rung on the ladder? Here are some common struggles and some (un)common tools to overcome those struggles.

Negative self-talk? Explore the why and what of what causes this negative talk. Then learn the tools to help you change that self-talk into something more constructive. But also. Depending on the wiring, learning some of these tools might require the help of a therapist.

Not having the time to do the things you know you should do? Keep a time diary for a week to see how you spend time. Most of us can find an extra 10-20 minutes a day.

Lacking the motivation to do the things you know you should do? Dig into the deeper ‘why’. It’s likely not about being fitter and healthier. But more along the lines of being able to still snowboard with your daughter once she’s a teenager, hike with the family without pain, or return to kayaking after a 20-year hiatus.

Struggling to keep yourself accountable? Regardless of the inner motivation, some need the accountability of an outsider to show up consistently. Rope friends into doing things with you, or hire help.

Not knowing what to do with your workouts? Learn the absolute basics of how to work out. Or use this plan instead.

Struggling with an injury and not sure how to train through it? Here you go.

Not sure if your eating habits support your goals? Educate yourself on the basics of healthy nutrition. Or maybe you need the tools to roundhouse kick sugar cravings to the chin?

There is likely more than one tool at play here. Focus on the one tool that makes learning the other tools irrelevant or easier.