To understand why my fitness efforts turned into a big bowl of death jelly last month, we need to look at what went down in those four weeks.

Let’s see.

– Round two of COVID for all except our son. (Who had no symptoms and felt rather jovial about it.)
– Cyclone Jasper. (The cyclone wasn’t much, but the prepping and unprepping took time.)
– The 1000mm+ of rain following the cyclone. (Thankfully, besides the roads being cut off, our family was fine.)
– Christmas and everything that comes with it. (All of which is positive. Except for one’s fitness.)

Overall, I think the kids went to daycare about four or five days in December.

Usually, I’d get 12+ strength workouts in a typical four-week month. In December? I don’t even know, maybe four.

Was it frustrating? You bet. But we can only control so much. And getting all Hank about it loses its shine real fast.

When we sign up for fitness for life, months like that are part of the deal. (And that’s mild compared to what others go through.)

When we sign up for fitness for life, we measure success in years. Not in days, weeks or months.

A month of fitness death jelly makes no difference to our long-term progress.