Are you chasing a number on the scale because it’s what you used to weigh in high school? Do you step on the scale each morning to determine your self-value for the day ahead?

You already know how your relationship is with the scale. When used with detachment, the scale can be a dutiful servant. But when we tie our identity to the number in front of us, the scale becomes the master and makes us its slave.

Is the scale adding value to your life, or working against you? It’s not uncommon to make the number on a scale an oppressing part of our identity. It’s not uncommon to switch the cage of carrying extra weight and being unfit to another cage, the scale.

All you can do with a scale is to watch the number. You can’t directly control it. Yes, it can provide focus to see whether the things you’re working on are indeed working. But, I’d argue it’s the worst number to focus on. Especially if you can’t look at the number objectively.

Ditch the scale. Pick another number and wrap your identity around that. Focus on actions you can control, not the outcome.

Getting in the daily steps. Having balanced meals. Training three days a week. Then stack these actions on top of each other. If you must focus on an outcome, see how your clothes are fitting over time.

When you have ten to twenty weekly or daily actions you can tick off, the weight will come down. And it will happen whether or not you step on the scale.