A few things make you feel more capable than a Bordeaux glass filled to the brim with motivation.

When the glass is full, any fitness goal feels achievable. Everest Basecamp? NYC Marathon? Jumping The Channel? Sign me up already.

The restrictions and objections you once held are far behind you. (Maybe that’s because just before a full glass of motivation, the glass held The Chateau Lynch-Bages Pauillac 1983*. Although, a glass of motivation often strikes without wine too.)

Yet however magical it may seem, motivation doesn’t make the realities of life disappear. We both know this.

Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with goals that have no wheels in reality. Work, kids, life, dogs… all the multiple roles you hold. They all demand and deserve some of your time.

And now might not be the time to be as ambitious with your fitness goals as you’d like to.

But now might be the perfect time to build a routine. To build a firm foundation of strength and fitness. And be ready when the time is ripe to jump The Channel.


*A brief illusion of knowledge. Because yes, I definitely copy pasted that from Dan Murphy.