There’s this pervasive current through large parts of the health and fitness industry where physical activity is considered the cure for everything. As if it’s magic. Especially for mental illness.

But this shit is rarely black and white.

“One potential take-home from this paper is that even for highly motivated people who choose to try running therapy for their mental health problems, many will stop the therapy soon after. Meanwhile, 82 percent of those who took medication were still compliant at the same time-point.”

“This is not to say that if you are anxious or depressed that running—or another form of movement—isn’t worth trying at all. If you can exercise, it’ll probably help your mental health, to some extent. Frankly, every single study we’ve ever run suggests that exercising is good for your health, physical and mental. But the evidence also seems to show that as a practical intervention, exercise has limited applicability to real people in the real world. And there’s currently no good reason to believe that it will be as effective as medication.”

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