You know this already. It’s impossible to get all the benefits of strength training from other activities. 

No sport I can think off delivers what we can get from resistance training. The upsides for bone and joint health. The boost on lean muscle mass, power and strength. All the things that make us more resilient for life.

And we definitely don’t get these benefits from any typical day-to-day activity. I mean, carrying bags of groceries is great. But unless you’re hauling cat litter or tins of baked beans with an alarming frequency, it just won’t cut it.

The closest I can think of is a job that involves a lot of manual labour. Old-school farmer maybe. Doing things with hay, and… stuff. And even then, any job is likely to have a one-dimensional aspect to it. Which then requires purposeful strength training to balance it all out.

But you know this already. This is just a tiny reminder to keep going.

– J

ps. Yes, it’s Monday. I am trialling daily (Monday to Friday) blogging for a month. To see if a daily deadline can spark some new valuable ideas for both of us. Some days are the length of today’s post, some are longer, and some might be just a paragraph. 

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But I do hope you’ll stick around.

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