We struggle with the changes we’re hoping to make when we obsess about burning the obstacles standing between our current and future self. When we put an excessive focus on eliminating what we see as the negatives.

Often the things we try to reduce, remove, or stop altogether are the things that make us who we are. They’re an ingrained part of our being.

We know that cutting them down now might eventually lead to those things being silenced altogether. And that fights the person who we are.

Our current self is the only version we have. He’s our friend. And the person we’re hoping to become? He’s too far away to feel close to. He’s a stranger.

And it makes us scared.

But maybe there’s a way to feel closer to that stranger.

Instead of turning something down, we could focus on turning something else up. Instead of feeling like we’re saying goodbye to our current self, we’d stay with him and ask the stranger to come over. To help us feel like we’re not being forced to choose between the two versions of us.

Because it’s easier to trust a friend and than it is a stranger.

Which makes me think, what are you already doing well right now? And how could you do just a bit more of it?

– J