Why? We reduced the friction by focusing on short workouts at a convenient location for her: at home.

Besides kettlebells, we’re using equipment she can take when she travels: suspension trainer and resistance bands.

Her main goal when we started was to build a training habit she could stick with. And she’s managed to do just that.

Here are some notes from her that might help you too: 

1. Convenience and Flexibility: she appreciates the ability to exercise anywhere, whether at home or while travelling.

2. Privacy: she’s super social, but not when it comes to exercise. Training at home gives her comfort and privacy.

3. Consistency: the workouts adapt to various locations like hotels or Airbnb, ensuring the routine is uninterrupted. Well, most of the time.

4. Missed Workouts: there’s no stress about missing a session as they are all full body and listed in order, preventing the feeling of a broken streak. The next workout you do is the one you see on the list, regardless of whether she’s missed two days or two weeks.

5. Zero guilt-tripping: There’s no emotional abuse (from the tech OR Joonas) for missing a workout, which is crucial for her long-term motivation.

6. Adaptability to Schedule: The workouts fit her schedule without being overwhelming.

Key takeaway?

Don’t look for the perfect program. Look for the one you can do with your time and resources.

And build from there.