Getting even remotely excited about exercise is tough when you’re always tired.

When simple things feel hard, and you have to wrestle with the general lack of energy on an hourly basis, lacing up your trainers probably isn’t the most appealing thing you can think of. And I get it. Juggling a family and running a business takes it out of you.

But. The thing that you feel too tired to do is the thing that helps you shift the energy.

The trick (there isn’t one, but stay with me here) is to do just enough that you’ll feel a boost in your energy. But not so much that you’ll end up commando-crawling through the next few days.

And the only way to figure ‘enough’ is to have a go. And the more you do it, the higher your ‘enough’ will be.

That, and maybe not watching Netflix till 11 pm.


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