It used to be that eating fat was bad for you. Enter “99% fat-free” labels everywhere.

And then the carbohydrates were bad for you. Enter paleo and the ketogenic diet. Because troglodytes did have access to premade nutbars and collagen powders.

I think some people still say that sugar is bad for you. Enter “99% sugar-free” and stevia and whatnot.

And now it seems that vegetable (seed) oils are bad for you. Enter “safe vegetable oil alternative.” Because something something treated with unicorn sweat glands and harvested rainbow reflections.

And I’m sure before we know it eating fat is bad for you. Again. Enter nightshade-antiketo. Trademarked.

All it takes to start a trend is hyped-up nutrition research colliding with an entrepreneurial mastermind. And voila, the entrepreneurial mastermind has (again) found their mission. And they can yet again solve this society-threatening “problem” with their new incredible product.

The success of the first product then fuels all the other wannabe health entrepreneurs to come up with their version of the solution. Because capitalism. And we now have the illusion of a world-threatening problem. I mean, it must be since we see solutions everywhere.

Capitalism has many upsides. It makes our world a better place. It shits on communism. But turning a raindrop of nothing into an ocean of OMGWEAREALLGOINGTODIEIFWE… isn’t one of the upsides.

Here’s where it’s at.

Most things done to an extreme are bad for our health.

Yes, we probably shouldn’t base our diet on eating only vegetable oils or fats or sugar or free-range fairy bread and expect to live a healthy, long, and prosperous life.

But isn’t that just common sense?

Eating a healthy, balanced diet most of the time means that most of us don’t need to get carried away with yet another trend that probably amounts to nothing.

Leaving us more time to focus on what actually matters.


ps. Well. I didn’t realise how upset I felt about all this.