Goal Setting When You Don’t Know What You Want

Goal Setting When You Don’t Know What You Want

It’s ok. You don’t always have to know what you want. In which case it can be helpful to ask yourself “what is it that I don’t want?” Take the opposite approach instead of trying to search for the ultimate answer.

Like me for example. I don’t always know what I want to focus on with my training. At times nothing really inspires me enough to make me dive head first into a challenge or a training program.

But when we flip the question things change:

I don’t want to train, look or eat purely for aesthetics. I don’t want to be sore and injured. I don’t want to count calories or worry about having few beers on the weekend. I don’t want to do weights for more than four days a week or more than 60 minutes at a time.

Just by making a list of “don’t wants” I’ve eliminated quite a few things. Even if I don’t know exactly what I want to train for, I’ve cleared the picture quite a bit. 

Sometimes it’s ok to not have specific goals. Just train to keep the training base that you’ve created. When a new goal that lights that fire reveals itself you’re ready to go. And trust me, it’ll happen.

Maybe your goal for this year is to not gain any fat.

Losing fat and not gaining fat share a lot of the same habits.

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