Every now and then I like to take a look back and see how my thoughts have evolved on some topics in the fitness industry. My opinion is that it’s crucial to learn from one’s mistakes to better yourself as a coach and a trainer (or as a person). Looking back now I can say that, yes I was wrong, but at the time I coached my clients as best as I knew. It’s just that opinions change as we grow. And it’s given that in the future I will look back at some of the things I believe in now and realize I’ve changed my mind about them. That’s all good and I am always willing to have my beliefs challenged if it helps me going forward.

The Pinnacle of Training Is Barbell Squat and Deadlift
I definitely think it’s vital that everyone trains squatting and hinging. But there are plenty of ways to get things done without a barbell.  Each training program should be based on the trainees skill level and training goals, for some it means a back squat and for others goblet squat might be enough. Most clients that I see couldn’t care less how much they squat or deadlift. All they care about is feeling good, looking good and not being in pain. For them I rather plan the training program using movements with easier learning curve. If someone wants to focus on one or all the big lifts and they have the movement capacity for it, I am happy to place the lifts in their program.

Every Person (and their cat) Aiming for Fat Loss Should Follow a Low Carbohydrate Diet
Done for a short term a low carbohydrate diet can indeed be an effective way to lose body fat and there is value in eliminating some of the carbohydrates for folks trying to lose weight. Especially for sedentary and overweight people. Yet, it is usually not sustainable nor healthy in the long-term.
The best diet is the one that you are able to follow for a long-term. For most people that means small changes implemented slowly and a one at a time. These changes have to fit into YOUR lifestyle for you to be successful.

I Am Always Right
I have suggestions and recommendations but we have to work together. No one knows your body like you do. When something doesn’t work for you it is always my fault, I have to take the responsibility. Maybe I’ve asked you to implement something that wasn’t right for you so it didn’t work. That’s just trial and error. Or given you something to do that was too hard to put in place. In which case I have to take the responsibility for not checking with you first.

There’s  nothing worse than a trainer complaining how their clients won’t do what they tell them to. Or the ‘I told you so-trainer’, “you should’ve done what I told you to do in the first place.” Well, maybe there’s a reason the client won’t follow through. Just saying the same thing ten times over doesn’t make it effective, even if it sounds legit on paper.

I Have To Know The Answer For Everything
I know training. And I know how to mesh goals, lifestyle and values. I also like to think that I am pretty good at forming a connection with clients so they trust my coaching. But I am not a doctor, dietitian, physiotherapist, hormone expert or psychologist. I used to think that I needed to be able to fix every issue under the sun. These days I am happy to say “I don’t know, you better see someone who does”. That gives me the space to focus on what I am good at. Also, ethically speaking it’s the only right thing to do.

Getting Results is All About The Right Training Program and The Right Diet
For 98.5% of the people programming is straight forward. For the same 98.5% of the people a solid diet is achieved by following basic healthy eating habits. Good training and healthy eating are quite simple to be honest, at least for most people for most of the time. BUT, the best training program and the best diet plan in the history of ever are worthless if no one follows through. That’s why eating habits and training programs have to have flexibility built into them.

So there you have it, five things that I’ve changed my mind about over the past few years. There’s few more as well but those above are the big rocks. At least for now.