More specifically, I’ve been saying that you don’t need motivation. Or at least once you’ve found the initial motivation, you don’t need to rely on it.

And I was wrong. For two reasons (at least):

1. I’ve been using the word ‘motivation’ when speaking about ‘enthusiasm.’
2. Motivation can absolutely fade (and there’s usually a specific reason for it – more on that in a sec)

Even when you don’t feel enthusiastic about a task, you can still get it done. You can still get in your steps, do a workout and make healthier food choices. Sometimes you don’t feel like doing things even though you’re motivated. Because life and the batshit complicated human psyche.

Let’s put it this way:

You can feel unenthusiastic while being motivated. But you can’t feel enthusiastic without being motivated. Am I making any sense here?

There are three specific ways your motivation might take a hit to stop you from reclaiming your energy and strength.

I’ll cover all three this week, including how to overcome the motivation struggle with each one.

For now though, I am sorry for my obnoxious past self for spinning bs about motivation.