We all have stories. Personal narratives that shape how we perceive ourselves. Often, this internal script begins with, “I used to be…”

“I used to be a runner.” “I used to be in shape.” “I used to have a movie-proof bladder.”

These statements often emerge from a place of nostalgia, but they can cement us in a past identity, preventing growth and evolution.

Here’s the truth: shit happens. Bodies change. Responsibilities shift. And it’s absolutely okay. It doesn’t diminish your achievements of making it through The Lord Of The Rings trilogy without a toilet break.

Aligning your narrative with your current reality isn’t about ignoring or dismissing your past. It’s about updating your story.

It’s about transitioning from “I used to be a runner” to “I am someone who values my health and fitness and is on a journey to reclaim it.” This shifts the focus from what was lost to the potential of what can be gained.

Your past shapes you, but it doesn’t have to become your coffin. Every moment presents an opportunity to realign, redefine, and reinvent.