You’re at point A and feeling tired. You want to get to point E and feel like a teenager again. (Strength and energy-wise. And definitely not emotionally.)

Right now, the distance between the two spots on the map might seem daunting. And when the big goal occupies all your attention, it’s tempting to jump from one piece of advice, solution and even gimmick to another in hopes of closing that distance as quickly as possible.

We’ve all been there. Chasing for the one thing that delivers unbelievable results in the shortest time possible. Even when all the sensible neurons in our brain tell us it’s a false hope.

So, how do you stay grounded and put in the work without getting distracted by the next shiny object?

Like you’d do with any other big goal. By breaking it into smaller pieces.

Ignore E for now. File it away somewhere.

Focus on B. Once you get there, aim for C. And then D.

Once you’re at D, then focus on E.

Yes, it’s common sense. But that doesn’t mean that it always gets done.